‘Kelly has pushed me to help’ says greiving father

The builder in charge of constructing the Angel of Hope Memorial Garden, located beside Cloonavin, says he believes his late daughter Kelly has pushed him in to the task.

Thirty year old Kelly McGarvey died in January last year, as she tried to save her little blind dog at Mussenden Temple, near her Castlerock home.

Speaking to The Times as the first sod was cut last week, her father John explained what the garden means to him and his family.

“This garden means alot to us as a family.

“It is a bit of a healing process for me being involved in the construction side of things.

“I wouldn’t be into things like this, but I am really proud to be involved in a project like this, that will help not only my family but others who have been affected by the loss of a child. ”

John said he hopes that the garden will be completed in 12 to 15 weeks.

“If it hadn’t been for Kelly’s death last year, I would never have been involved in something like this. I really believe that my wee Kelly has pushed me to get involved.

“I am really proud to be working on it,” said John.

Kelly’s mum Jenny says she is still trying to come to term’s with her daughter’s death.

Jenny revealed that she found out after Kelly had passed away, that her daughter had donated money towards the garden project.

“I only found out after Kelly’s death that she had been one of the first people to donate to the memorial garden,” explained Jenny.

“That makes it even more special for us to be standing here today, and that her daddy is involved.”

Jenny said that Kelly loved children: “Her two brothers Jonathan and Patrick doted on her.

“She loved her wee nephew Johnny and she would have been delighted to meet her new little nephew Caiden.”

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