Kids at a loss as to where to play outdoors

Carrickvale Manor.Carrickvale Manor.
Carrickvale Manor.
With temperatures soaring this summer, kids in Carrickvale Manor are at a loss over what to do themselves in the development.

Ball games have been banned and they’ve also been told not to set foot on the communal green area.

It’s understood one half of the development is private residents and the other half is comprised of tenants of Trinity Housing. A management company is in place to look after the shared areas.

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One of the Trinity tenants, who’d been living in Carrickvale for three years, said: “The private residents complained regarding kids playing ball games.

“‘No Ball Games’ signs went up since that. I totally agree with no ball games being played. I’ve had my wing mirrors knocked off.

“But then it went one step further. There’s a communal green area outside my door.

“As soon as you step out of the paved bit at my front you’re on the green.

“They put a sign up to stop people playing on the grass.

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“I’ve a wee boy who’s three and another one of five. Part of the reason we moved here was because of there was plenty of space for them to play in.

“No ball games is fine, but stopping kids from using a communal green is going too far.

“What are we paying for it for if we can’t use it?”

The ‘MAIL’ observed a ‘NO BALL GAMES by order of Carrickvale Manor Management Co’ sign at the entrance to the development as well as a sign which had once read ‘NO PLAYING ON COMMON AREA’, but some of the lettering had peeled off and it had been removed from the communal green.

While Trinity Housing rent several of the properties at Carrickvale, the communal areas, including the green area in question, are owned by the McVeigh Group Property Management Company, who have deemed it should not be played on.

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Trinity Housing commented: “We work closely with all of its tenants to deliver high quality services and homes and, where appropriate, will liaise with relevant organisations to secure agreeable resolutions to reported concerns.”

No one from the McVeigh Group was available for comment at the time of going to press.

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