Ladies shed eight stone then take title

Lynda before she lost weightLynda before she lost weight
Lynda before she lost weight
Two local ladies were crowned Women of the Year 2014 at their Trinity Slimming World group in August.

Michelle Welby-Russell and Lynda Gardner between them have shed almost eight stone and the only thing big about these two ladies now is their smiles!

Rachel Vaughan, group consultant, said they were an inspiration to the other members.

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Mother of two Lynda joined the class because she did not want to be seen as the ‘fat mum at the school gate.’

Lynda how she looks like nowLynda how she looks like now
Lynda how she looks like now

She said, “I am sure that I have tried and failed every diet out there.

“The problem is that I like food and enjoy eating it.

“After the birth of my children I decided it was time to do something about my weight and managed to lose three stone but started to lose hope and was finding it hard on my own. I went to my first Slimming World class in September 2011 and was terrified.

“I lost 6lbs in my first week! I could not believe all the foods that I could eat, it was a revelation! It is great to be in a group where everyone in working for the same goal and they are all really supportive.

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Michelle before and how she is nowMichelle before and how she is now
Michelle before and how she is now

“I reached my Slimming World target a few months ago losing 4st 12lbs with Slimming World and giving me a total weight lost of 7st 12lbs”

Michelle joined Slimming World two years ago when she could not get into the swing with her son Freddie.

“I had a little boy who was up walking and running around and I just couldn’t do it with him,” she said. “I couldn’t fit into the swing with him and I was embarrassed around other mummies. My friend gave me some or her old Slimming World books and I decided to try at home.

“For about a year I tried to follow the plan at home but really wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I lost 10lb in that year and decided to join the class.

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“I came to Trinity and that was the start of my real weight loss. I remember getting weighed on my first night and couldn’t believe I was that heavy. I was lying to myself. I could of cried when I realised how heavy I was. My wonderful consultant at the time told me that I would never see that weight again. “I’ve lost three stone 5 and a half pounds in the last two years, and what I have gained are some great friends.” For local classes log onto

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