Larne’s West End Post Office to stay shut

Larne’s West End Post Office is to remain temporarily closed after the Post Office was “unable to identify a solution” to restore the local service.
Post Office Ltd.Post Office Ltd.
Post Office Ltd.

The branch, which was previously based in the Co-op on Circular Road, closed on June 21 due to the resignation of the Postmaster and withdrawal of premises.

In a letter to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, the Post Office’s Field Change Advisor Mandy Donaldson says that she previously wrote to council to update them on the situation and to seek suggestions to help restore a service locally.

“Unfortunately since the closure, we have been unable to identify a suitable solution,” Miss Donaldson revealed.

“I’m therefore writing to you and other local representatives to advise you that as there have been no suitable opportunities to restore a service, this branch will remain temporarily closed.”

However, the Post Office representative adds that she is willing to explore “any suitable opportunities if there are any significant changes in the area in the future.

“Due to the length of time the branch has been closed, we would need to satisfy ourselves that any new opportunity would be sustainable for both the Post Office and the operator, and that it would not adversely affect the viability of the remaining network of Post Office branches,” she added.

“We regret that we have been unable to restore a service locally.”

The Post Office spokeswoman referred members of the public to the town’s alternative post office branches on Main Street and Craigyhill.