Last chance to book tickets for ‘Stepping Out’*HEADLINE TO G0 HERE

PUT a group of women and one man together in a dingy North London hall at a tap dance class and what do you get?

The hilarious comedy “Stepping Out” that’s what!

And you can enjoy the trials, tribulations, lives and loves of the trainee tappers and their long-suffering teacher in a fantastic production of the side-splitting show at the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine this weekend.

Portrush Music Society has embarked on a new venture and, as well as presenting their award-winning annual musical in the Coleraine theatre in April, they are producing this pithy comedy for two nights only this Friday and Saturday, August 10th and 11th.

Written by Richard Harris, this summer-fun comedy is directed by Andrew Donnell for Portrush Music Society.

The Society is delighted that Andrew, a former PMS member who is now at the London College of Music, has returned home this summer to direct the show.

Featured in the cast are performers with a wealth of talent and experience to their names. They are Liz Bottomley, Addis Blair, Gerald McQuilken, Brenda Tosh, Karen Todd, Heather McCandless, Abby Mullan, Kim Kelly, Christine Deane and Una Culkin.

Come and meet Mavis the teacher of the tap class and her “trusty” accompanist Mrs Fraser as they battle to teach some moves to the motley crew of learners - Sylvia, Rose, Andy, Vera, Dorothy, Lynne, Maxine and the only man, Geoffrey.

As the play progresses, the group’s dancing improves to such an extent that they are invited to perform at a charity gala. Will they be ready in time?

Bookings are now open for this fun night out.

Ring the Riverside Theatre Box Office on (28) 70123123 or book online at and let’s go Stepping Out!