Leader call sees O2 fix mast

O2 has fixed broken cabling on a mast, which was wreaking havoc with the signal in the Banbridge area, after the Leader contacted the firm on behalf of frustrated readers.

Readers responded in their droves after we asked for their opinions on the O2 signal in Banbridge and it was clear there was a major problem.

Writing on our Facebook page, John Magowan said: “O2 have had a really bad and patchy service for a number of years now. They continually advertise better service and better coverage all the time. But fail to deliver.”

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Elaine Porter agreed: “02 is very bad in Banbridge at the moment. And when you are on a call the other person cannot hear you.”

Nadine Ann Baird said: “O2 has been awful the past year or so. And when you are contract you get phone calls to see if your happy with everything. When you tell them you’re not, they say they will ring you back. Four months later I am still waiting. Once mine is up I am leaving them.”

Leanne Anderson reported: “02 awful!”, while Emma Coburn added: “02 terrible! You wonder what you’re paying for.”

Stewart Penn said: “O2 should make it clear when you take out a contract that coverage in this area may not be up to standard for most of the contract period; then customers have a choice.”

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James Ford is also concerned that the intermittent signal is impacting on his business. “O2 are rubbish. I cannot receive calls. They said it could be the phone so I upgraded to newest model and it’s just the same thing.

“I am trying to run a business and I need my phone to be working 100% and it is far from it! I am losing business because of it.”

The problem seems to reach further than Banbridge, with other Facebook users reporting similar problems. “O2 coverage in Rathfriland is woeful,” said Tracey Malcolm and Graham Kelly added: “O2 coverage in Dromara in non-existent.”
After being contacted by the Leader, O2 sent out an engineer, who discovered the problem and rectified the situation.

An 02 spokesperson explained: “One of our sites in Banbridge developed a problem resulting in some customers experiencing intermittent service. An engineer visited the site on Friday and replaced cabling that was causing the issue. Full service was restored that afternoon with no further problems.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” he added.