Lily loses her long locks for Little Princess Trust

Lily Gregg has shown she is an inspirational young lady after she decided to lose her long hair in the name of charity.

The eight-year-old Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School pupil has always been a kind, sensitive girl who thinks a lot about others and when she heard about the work of the Princess Trust she was eager to do all she could to help.

The Little Princess Trust was set up in 2005 in memory of Hannah Tarplee, a little girl from Hereford who in June of that year lost her short battle with cancer.

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When chemotherapy caused her to lose her hair, her parents found it difficult obtaining a suitable wig in a child’s size so they had one specially made.

Her parents then decided to set up the charity so that as many children as possible who needed help would benefit and receive a real hair wig free of charge.

Lily also discovered when reading up on the trust it costs £350 per wig to make, so as well as donating her hair, she also decided to raise as much money as she could for this worthy cause.

On hearing the stories of those children sadly affected by cancer and subsequent treatment Lily decided that she would take up the challenge and have her own hair loped off.

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She determined that she would raise as much money as possible and initially set a target of £350, the cost of producing one wig.

After the hair cut event Lily’s mum Linda said: “We are so proud of Lily for deciding to do this of her own accord and the generosity of family, friends and others has really added to the realisation of the positive effect anyone can make.

“To date Lily has raised £780.65, which more than doubles the expected amount.”