Lisburn Advanced Motorcyclists meet '˜Flying Doctor'

The Lisburn Advanced Motorcyclists (Institute of Advanced Motoring) group recently hosted an '˜An Evening with the Flying Doctor'.

Pictured at the Lisburn Advanced Motorcyclists Group event entitled An Evening with the Flying Doctor are front centre, Dr Fred MacSorley with from left, Gareth Hughes, AMNI forum secretary, Allister MacSorely, Dr MacSorley's son and a London paramedic, Seamus Kenny, event co-ordinator, and Bruce Steele, LAM chairman

The medic in question was Dr Fred MacSorley, widely known in the motorbike fraternity in Northern Ireland and further afield.

For many years he has served on the Medical Team of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland and is recognised by all involved in motorcycle racing at both short circuit and road racing events.

A spokesperson said: “Dr Fred, as he is affectionately known, has come to the aid of many riders involved in crashes and his medical expertise has undoubtedly saved many lives.”

The meeting was attended by representatives of all the IAM groups in Northern Ireland as well as friends from other non-IAM bike groups.

It was hailed the largest gathering of its kind in the history of IAM and the Advanced Motorcyclists of Northern Ireland.

“The speaker gave a very informative and often humorous talk on some of his experiences over many years of attendance at race meetings and gave examples of some of the treatments and processes he and his team have administered to riders involved in crashes,” said the spokesperson.

“Dr Fred paid particular tribute to his esteemed colleague and good friend Dr John Hinds who tragically died after being involved in an incident at a race meeting during the summer of 2015.

“Dr John will be deeply missed by all who knew him, not least because of the fantastic talent he displayed in dealing with and treating injured riders.

“Dr Fred also gave some recent examples of his ongoing work as an RTC doctor through the PSNI and again explained some of the complications and life-changing situations which can arise at traffic accidents.

“Everyone present enjoyed a very entertaining and yet challenging event where road safety and the advantages of Advanced Riding and Driving were highlighted.”