Lisburn Foodbank holds collection event

Lisburn Foodbank embarked upon its bi-annual three day neighbourhood food collection event at Tesco Bentrim Street last weekend.

Left to right: Caroline Price - Tesco Customer Experience Manager, Ann Broome - Tesco Community Champion, Deputy Mayor, Alderman Stephen Martin, Kathryn Millar - Lisburn Foodbank Co-Ordinator.

It was hugely successful thanks to the team of committed volunteers who braved the Northern Irish Summer to hand out leaflets and spread awareness about the Foodbank and the reality of hunger and financial hardship in Lisburn.

“A simple change in circumstance such as job redundancy, the death of a family member or sudden sickness can throw anybody into financial crisis,” Kathryn Millar, Foodbank Coordinator, said.

“The volunteers range from a variety of churches and organisations across Lisburn and it was great to see many people uniting in support of the Foodbank, recognizing the need for it and the importance of helping those who are struggling in our community. In this economic climate it really can happen to anyone.

“The Foodbank seeks to offer relief in such circumstances through the form of an emergency food parcel.

“A prospective client visits one of our many referral agencies that we work with across Lisburn, who assess the client’s situation and if appropriate, issue them with a red food voucher before sending them over to the Foodbank.

“The generosity of the public is inspiring, with food donations amounting to almost two tonne of food collected over the three days as well as financial contributions.”

Lisburn Foodbank is situated in Graham Gardens and is run by the local charity organisation LCC Community Trust. Since opening its doors in June 2013 the Foodbank has fed over 5000 people in the Lisburn Castlereagh area.

“Thank you to everybody for your help over the three days and your continued support. If you would like to find out more information you can like our Facebook page or visit our website at”