Living Room reflects

The Living Room Moira opened in May 2013 as an outreach ministry into the village of Moira.

This has been the vision of various members of Moira Baptist Church for a number of years: To be a greater visible presence and to be involved in the very heart of village life in Moira. This year that vision has been finally realized in order to connect with the people of Moira. It has been the source of great blessing already as the Church have sought to befriend ordinary people from ‘enquirers’ to shopkeepers to residents to people who choose to come to one of the ‘events.’

These ‘events’ include a daily ‘drop-in’ with a library of Christian books, weekly prayer times, monthly business breakfasts, craft classes and table top sales, and ad hoc young people or adults meetings.

In December a special ‘On the sofa’ was held - with the local Doctor - testimony evening and plan further ‘On the sofa’ evenings for the coming year with other believing professionals.

The ‘Lighting Up’ evening took place in early December in conjunction with the annual ‘Lighting up of the Christmas tree’ involving two school choirs.

Moira Baptist Church enter a new year with great expectation that it will portray the love of Christ to the people of Moira and beyond. All are welcome at the Living Room.