Local authority to review postal numbering

Carrick Council is to review its policy on postal numbering following a query from a resident of a new development in the borough.


Debbie Williamson, who currently lives in Carryduff, is due to move into a property in the Hartfields development on Downshire Road later this year.

Located on a cleared site on an existing street, 14 of the houses in the development were allocated numbering of 19A through to 19N by the council last year, a move which Ms Williamson claims will cause significant confusion.

She said: “Have [the council] even considered the amount of personal and financial post that will be getting delivered incorrectly, never mind the number of other deliveries, taxis and visitors that won’t know where to go?

“I’ve heard of numbering like this before for a block of flats but not a row of houses; it might be suitable when you have two or three in a row but not 14.

“The council should have noted all this when they were agreeing on the numbering. I find it very hard to comprehend why the address cannot be left as Hartfields, Downshire Road, and numbered accordingly.”

Commenting on the development, a spokesperson for the local authority said: “Carrickfergus Borough Council is aware of Ms Williamson’s concerns which she has raised regarding postal numbering of the Hartfields development.

“The matter is currently being investigated by a senior manager and will be considered in line with current policy and practice. Ms Williamson will be contacted in the coming days regarding the outcome.

“Carrickfergus Borough Council is committed to the continuous improvement of its services and if current practices in relation to postal numbering are found to be lacking in any way we will seek to make improvements as necessary.”

Meanwhile, East Antrim MLA David Hilditch confirmed he and other colleagues are seeking a meeting with the local authority’s Building Control department to examine the postal numbering policy.