Local Probus Club hear ‘Troubles with my Motor Home’ talk

Members of the Coleraine Probus Club convened as usual in the upper room at Portstewart Golf Club.

The guest speaker for the day was Ron Metcalf who gave an excellent presentation lavishly accompanied by some wonderful coloured slides.

His talk was ‘Troubles with my Motor Home’. Ron told members how he and his wife made a trip from Ireland to Europe, through France, Belgium and Holland. He recalled how his journey began with a stop for lunch in Newry that ended with his motor home being broken into and many items of personal and essential equipment needed on holiday like his camera being stolen.

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However he pressed on via Rosslare-Cherbourg through France, the Somme region and St Valery.

He reminded members of the still visible remnants of two World Wars, eg the Fortified concrete emplacements used to launch the V1&V2 rockets.

Pressing on into Belgium with its chocolate museums and the wonderful city of Bruges and the artist Jan Van Ecyk.

On to Holland with its bulb fields Hyacinths in evidence everywhere not tulips! Visits to cheesemaking and clog making establishments in Amsterdam and on to Lyden and its wonderful Delft pottery.

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Homeward was through Rotterdam and Harwich and Tenby in South Wales. A journey which was eventful yet wonderful and memorable.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ian Murray who congratulated the speaker on his presentation, highlighting the ‘BICYCLE’ abundance in Holland, he being a keen cyclist himself.

This was duly passed on by the President.