Local publisher expands into Italy

A Magherfelt company has seen a huge growth spurt with it's products travelling the world.

As from February, books produced by Maurice Wylie Media (MWM) will also be printed in Italy.

Founder, Maurice Wylie explained: “Our motto is ‘to give the best,’ and it is with that in mind we continually seek opportunities to branch out allowing for ‘the locals’ wherever they live, UK, USA, Australia or Italy, to be able to attain our products.”

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With their latest book success, ‘The Good, The Bad and Jesus Christ,’ by Pastor James McConnell, hitting newspaper headlines, TV station airing it and one of the biggest Christian magazines in the UK reviewing it as ‘Inspirational’, this sets MWM in good stead for 2017. They also have a number of new authors signed up for book releases this year.

Maurice continued: “We have many people visit our website from across the world and our existing authors refers people to us. Our latest author is a Doctor from England, his book due to be released in the next few months. In March, we have authors flying in from USA to speak with the team. Moreover, we have local authors books set to come out this year, branded websites being launched and creating author brands for the international markets. I honestly believe our success is down to hard work, gifted people and the desire to think outside of the box to attain greater results.”

To find out more as they continue this journey visit www.MauriceWylieMedia.com

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