Locals urged to reply to parking proposal

Councillor Alexander Redpath has called on members of the public to respond to the public consultation on the proposed Off-Street Parking Bill.

The consultation was published on the 23rd of June and the final date for submissions is Friday August 8.

“The transfer of powers over off-street car parks is one of the most significant new powers coming to the new super councils,” explained Mr Redpath. “There are 681 DRD off-street car parking spaces in Lisburn and a further 57 in Hillsborough. Control over these car parks should significantly enhance our ability to assist the economic development of Lisburn.

“It’s very important that this bill receives a positive response from members of the public and I would urge retailers, shoppers and local residents to fully engage in the process.

“My Ulster Unionist colleague Minister Danny Kennedy MLA recently introduced the £1 for 5 hour parking deal to boost trade in town and city centre.

“This scheme has put £22,000 back in the pockets of Lisburn shoppers.

“I believe there would be huge merit in making this cut permanent.

“If we are going to encourage people into Lisburn City centre they need to have access to competitive parking.”