London case against '˜fare dodging' Dungannon Lord moved to local court

Lord Ken Maginnis has again found himself on the court lists in Dungannon - this time for his alleged failure to pay a fine handed down in London over two years ago.
Ken MaginnisKen Maginnis
Ken Maginnis

Arising from an unpaid train fare, the total outstanding is now in excess of £1,400.

According to court papers, the 78-year-old peer of Park Lane, Dungannon was convicted of boarding a train without a valid ticket in London on March 5, 2014.

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The case initially appeared before South London Magistrates Court where Lord Maginnis was ordered to pay £1478.90, which consisted of a £220 fine, compensation of £19.90 and costs of £1,239.

However, with nothing paid by 23 November last year, the case was ordered to be transferred from South London to Dungannon Magistrates Court.

Lord Maginnis was not present for the hearing, nor was any legal representative on his behalf.

A court clerk advised that the summons had been served by post, leading District Judge John Meehan to rule that it should now be re-served on Lord Maginnis in person.

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This will order him attend court, or have a lawyer deal with the matter in his absence.

Failure to address unpaid fines can now be dealt with by committal warrant.

In the case against Lord Maginnis, and depending on the discretion of the judge, this could be up to 45 days imprisonment.

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