Londonderry pastor says Islam is “full of violence” but urges compassion for refugees and ISIS fighters

A Londonderry pastor has claimed that Islam is “full of violence” and that people who follow the Koran are “going to be violent.”

But Rev. Jonathan Campbell of Newbuildings Independent Methodist Church also preached that Christians should show compassion, not only towards genuine refugees, but also towards ISIS fighters who he compared to St Paul, a ‘terrorist’ prior to his conversion on the road to Damascus.

He made the comments during a sermon on the refugee crisis on Sunday, September 13.

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“Yes, we should have compassion for genuine refugees but let me say this, we should also have compassion even for terrorists, even for those ISIS fighters, who are coming in, because we have to remember that the apostle Paul was a fighter, the apostle Paul was a terrorist before he was saved,” he said.

The local Minister also said: “The Lord says, ‘Whenever genuine refugees come, those who are poor and needy, come to your land, and they need your help, don’t you turn them away, because once you were a stranger in Egypt, you people of Israel.’

“We are to have sympathy for genuine refugees.

“Now, of course, we have to make the distinction between refugees and migrants, because you have heard me say, I think I mentioned it last Sunday, that there are supposedly Islamic fighters, who are supposedly infiltrating into the country and into Europe in the midst of all the genuine asylum seekers and we need to be aware of that.”

He went on to lambast those calling for unlimited access for refugees and criticised the new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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“There are some people who say, ‘Oh, just throw the borders open, throw the gates open, throw the doors wide open, let everybody in, who wants to come in.’

“And the new leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, of course, he believes in unlimited immigration.

“Now, we could say more about him. But we haven’t the time to do that today and I’ll not digress into that path.

“There are people who say, ‘Oh, just let them all in, let everyone in, don’t check anyone.’

“Well, that’s not, I believe, what the Bible teaches.

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“I believe the Bible teaches that we’re not to be naive, that we’re not to be gullible.

“Kings and Prime Ministers, those in authority, are to defend their people from danger, from murderers, from terrorists.”

The Minister also claimed in his sermon that Islam is “full of violence.”

“I know that nationally, our Government must use discretion, and that they have a duty under God to protect our people from murder and bloodshed and violence, that’s what Islam stands for, of course, if you follow the Koran, you are going to be violent.

“It’s full of violence but the Government have a duty to defend us from people like that, but nonetheless we must have compassion and pray that these souls will be delivered. “

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