Low rates rise is welcomed

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council area is set to have one of the lowest household rates in Northern Ireland, Alliance Councillor Amanda Grehan has said, after the Council struck a modest rise last Tuesday night.

Striking a 2.98% rates rise across the area, the local councillor said the move would not only protect local services, but significantly boost the area’s future growth and development.

“This modest rise maintains Lisburn and Castlereagh’s position of having one of the lowest household rates in Northern Ireland,” Councillor Amanda Grehan said. “As we continue to recover from the recession, I know families across the area will appreciate the leadership shown by the Council, with key public services and resources protected. The Council decision was supported by all parties.

“However, going forward we need to be pragmatic. Alliance has always been open and honest with ratepayers and we recognise the danger in telling households that they can continue to enjoy one of the lowest rates in Northern Ireland, while the Council continues to spend more and more money on new capital projects and fixing the underinvestment in leisure facilities, including the Ice Bowl.

“Alliance will continue to work hard, holding others to account, to ensure Lisburn and Castlereagh Council is delivering the best value for everyone and that ratepayers money is well used for the benefit of all residents.”

The rates rise amounts to a 0.0081p rise to 0.2803 pence in the pound for domestic properties and a 0.6058p rise to 20.9216 pence in the pound for non-domestic properties. Domestic Ratepayers locally will see a 2.21% rise on the combined district and regional rate, which equates to an increase of £22.46 per year on a home with a capital value of £150,000.