‘Make North Antrim a better place’

ROBIN Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Assembly member, has called on young people - especially first time voters - to make their vote count by getting involved with the party’s youth wing “to make North Antrim a better place to live, study and work”.

Assemblyman Swann has a rich experience working with young people in general and the youth vote in particular through his work with the Young Farmers’ Club of Ulster and the Rural Youth Europe group.

Mr Swann is also North Antrim UUP Chairman and a member of the Stormont Committees for Agriculture and Culture.

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He said: “As an elected representative who has considerable experience dealing with the problems and challenges which young people face, I understand the questions that they will consider when deciding which party to get involved with.

“Issues such as tuition fees, youth provision, and jobs for the future are all high on the agenda. The Ulster Unionist Party has well thought out policies on all of these matters.

“I firmly believe in the abolition of student fees and I equally firmly believe that education is a right, not a privilege, and I will continue to fight for this principle.

“Across North Antrim, the UUP has a clear track record within local councils and at the Assembly of fighting for new and improved facilities. By getting involved with our Young Unionists, we can continue to prioritise the provision of leisure facilities.

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“Locally, many young people are forced to leave the constituency to find employment. The UUP has launched a job creation plan which clearly maps out solutions to this ‘brain drain’ problem.

“It is totally unacceptable that North Antrim is being drained of skilled workers and educated young people who are forced to leave their families to travel abroad.

“The UUP is a party of the future. We will use the youth vote to address all of these problems and more which young people across the constituency are faced with every day. So, be wise and organise, join the UUP,” said Assemblyman Swann.