Man assaulted his own father

A 24 year old Banbridge man who “had a load of vodka” and “flipped” with his “old man” appeared before the local court last week.

Johnny Houston from Kenlis Street pleaded guilty to assaulting his father, possession of an offensive weapon, disorderly behaviour, resisting police and two counts of criminal damage.

Houston, currently in prison since his arrest, was sentenced to five months which was suspended for two years.

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The court heard how on 5 March police in Banbridge were called to Houston’s father’s house.

The injured party said his son had appeared and a verbal argument occurred.

He claimed Houston lifted a brush shaft and assaulted him striking his arm and head.

He then went outside and smashed the front window of the house with his fists causing substantial injury to himself.

When officers arrived they found Houston bleeding heavily from his hands and head. He was intoxicated and highly abusive to police giving them a tirade of abuse.

The broken brush shaft was found and the injured party had a bump on his head and red patches on his arms.

Officers said Houston then rushed into the house, squared up to them giving more verbal abuse. A struggle ensued and he kicked out at police before he was arrested.

It transpired that he had also put his foot through the back door of the property.

When eventually interviewed he replied, “I had a load of vodka, the old man gave off and I flipped.”

Barrister Mr Byrne said his client had a very difficult childhood and in particular a difficult relationship with his father.

He said there had been attempts to patch things up but the difficulties flared up when alcohol became involved.

“He realises this was his father and this should not have happened.”

Mr Byrne stressed there was no suggestion his client brought the brush shaft with him, rather the fact he grabbed it at the scene.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland said, “You have been in and out of court over the past 8 years for various offences and repeatedly been in trouble and here you come again.

“A combination of drink and old scores to be settled with your father led to you bring in jail for over three months. I hope you have some intent to put this behind you and I will give you a chance here.”