Mark Logan nominated as Conservative candidate

Mark LoganMark Logan
Mark Logan
The Conservative candidate for East Antrim in the Westminster election is Mark Logan.

In a statement, following his nomination, Mark said: “We need this election now to secure the strong and stable leadership that the United Kingdom and East Antrim needs to see us through Brexit and beyond.

“I want to fight as the Conservatives’ voice for the people of East Antrim in Westminster.

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“I’d like to say to every voter in East Antrim - your vote counts. It will count to strengthen Theresa May’s and the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit. Your vote helps the Prime Minister to secure the best deal to strengthen our economy, and helps us get on with the job of making life in the United Kingdom even better.

“Your vote for me in East Antrim is a Conservative vote for strong and stable leadership.

“I have represented the United Kingdom at the highest level as Chief Spokesman at the Foreign Office’s British Consulate in Shanghai. I was front and centre to business deals that helped grow two-way trade to over £55 billion between our two countries.

“I want to bring the same level of prosperity to our community in East Antrim. East Antrim has been a hub for interaction with the rest of the UK for centuries. I am motivated to build on this tradition, and offer new and fresh leadership for our community.

“Please get involved in the conversation by ‘liking’ my Facebook page @Logan4EastAntrim.”