Massivetrawlerspillaging the NW

Twelve pelagic factory boats are ‘pillaging’ the seas off Donegal and dumping up to 70 per cent of their catch, according to Sinn Féin.

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris said: “At the moment there are reports of 12 pelagic factory boats fishing off Donegal. Up to 70 per cent of their catch is being discarded, according to reports on Dutch television. They are freezing the prime fish only.

“It is not acceptable that these super trawlers can come and plunder Irish fish stocks while Irish fishermen are being denied adequate quota and are watching from the shore as their livelihoods disappear into the nets of these huge vessels.

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“This issue is well-known to the EU Commission, the Irish fishery authorities and to Minister Simon Coveney but nothing is being done to stand up for the Irish fishing industry and to protect it against this pillage.

“Minister Coveney will be going over to Brussels to negotiate fishing quotas soon. I hope he does not come back telling us that he has done well by accepting cuts to our quotas, while crowing that it could have been worse.”