May marks 90th with orphanage donation

A local lady has presented a cheque for £650 to a charity that cares for orphans in Moldova.

Mrs. May McCurdy from Bushside, Armoy, recently celebrated her 90th birthday and it was her wish that instead of family and friends buying her gifts, they could make a donation to the ‘House of Hope’ Christian orphanage in Moldova.

Last Thursday night at her home, Mrs. McCurdy handed over the amount to Mr. Robert Patton, the Vision of Good Hope charity Trustee.

Robert was delighted that his neighbour chose the ‘House of Hope’ as the beneficiary of her request, but he was not altogether surprised as May has been making regular donations in support of the children in this most deprived area of Eastern Europe for several years.

Vision of Good Hope is a registered charity and was founded almost ten years ago as the result of a visit to the village of Glynoye in the Transnistra part of Moldova where Robert and his friends witnessed at first hand the poverty of the country and the number of orphan children in dire need.

The group felt challenged to do something to help and within three years, through God’s Grace, had a purpose-built building up and running where nearly 40 young people are loved and cared for.

The charity is delighted that this year one of the young people has actuallay taken up studies at University in Tiraspol - something that would never have been possible without the support of people like Mrs. McCurdy.


On receiving the generous gift, Robert thanked Mrs. McCurdy on behalf of the children for her amazing gift of love, and wished her many more happy birthdays in the future.