Mayor congratulates ladies of Drumbeg WI

The Mayor and Mayoress recently hosted a special reception at Lagan Valley Island for the ladies of Drumbeg Women's Institute.

Mrs Rosalind Bloomfield, Mayor Brian Bloomfield MBE, Mrs Ann McCurdy, WI Lagan Area Chair, and Mrs Sheelagh McRandall, President of Drumbeg WI.

The event was organised to celebrate Drumbeg WI being named the Institute of the Year.

Thirty members of Drumbeg WI were welcomed to the Island Civic Centre by Mayor Brian Bloomfield MBE and Mayoress Rosalind Bloomfield.

Mrs Bloomfield is a member of Drumbeg WI, as is her mum, Mrs Molly Craig. “The Mayor invited us to the Cherry Room where he officially welcomed

The ladies of Drumbeg WI with Mayor Brian Blomfield MBE at Lagan Valley Island.

Executive Member Ann McCurdy, President Sheelagh McRandall and all members,” a spokesperson for Drumbeg WI explained.

“He gave an interesting talk on the history of the area and the Lagan Valley Island, which was once the site for the Island Spinning Company.

“It was famous for the production of linen thread and played a significant part in the area’s industrial past.

“The headquarters of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council was built on the site of the spinning mill and was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2001.”

The ladies of Drumbeg WI with Mayor Brian Blomfield MBE at Lagan Valley Island.

The ladies enjoyed the opportunity to visit the council chamber and view the seating plan for the various elected members and their parties. They also got the chance to check out the charters that are on display in the chamber and are opened at monthly council meetings.

“The Mayor explained that a new council crest has been made incorporating the history of both the Lisburn and Castlereagh areas, and also explained the background to the symbols on the chains of office,” the spokesperson continued.

“The memorabilia in the Mayor’s Parlour and portraits of previous Mayors and Mayoresses were of particular interest.

“On returning to the Cherry Room the Mayor paid tribute to the contribution of the WI to society and congratulated Drumbeg Institute on winning the ‘Institute of the Year’ Macausland Rose Bowl.

“In further recognition of this achievement he presented the Institute with a beautifully inscribed vase, which Sheelagh McRandall was delighted to accept.”

Following a finger buffet and refreshments, WI members thanked the Mayor and Mayoress for their hospitality and a memorable visit.