McAllister praises scheme

SINN Féin Glens Cllr Noreen McAllister would like to inform the public that there is a form people can ask for from ‘NIE’ to get on the Critical Care Register.

She said: “NIE offers a critical care information service to customers who are dependant on life supporting electrical equipment. If you depend on electrical equipment, that is vital to your health, NIE would like you to register with them. “They can provide you with the most up to date information during a power cut or a planned interruption.

“After making enquiries about this for my own mother who relies on such electrical health equipment due to a serious health condition she has, I was delighted to be given this form to fill in for her. All I had to do is fill it in and return it to the company and that’s her registered, it was that simple.

“If there is a power cut all she has to do is ring NIE and her telephone number will be automatically recognised and she will get to speak directly to a call advisor and leave her contact details. By doing this she will have regular contact throughout the duration of the power cut with up to date information.

“Another marvellous advantage of being registered is that even if there was a planned interruption of supply she will be notified at least three days beforehand and informed of the expected duration of the interruption. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank NIE for taking this approach to people that are dependant on such life saving equipment as being informed allows people to be in control.”