McClarty steps down at Council

MEET Coleraine’s youngest ever female councillor.

Claire Sugden is just 27.

Tonight (Tuesday), she will succeed Independent councillor David McClarty.

Councillor McClarty is resigning his Council seat after 24 years’ service to the people of the borough of Coleraine.

New Assembly legislation forbids McClarty, who is also an MLA, from continuing his work as a councillor.

In an exclusive interview with The Times this week, councillor McClarty looks back on his 24 years service to Coleraine Borough Council, and we find out more about Coleraine’s youngest ever female councillor.

Claire, who was born and bred in Coleraine, is indeed no stranger to the world of politics.

She’s been a Research and Constituency Officer for David for the past five years - a role she will continue, supporting David as an MLA for East Londonderry.

David has had a difficult year in his fight against cancer, but he has his mind fixed on a return to full time work in the new year. A job he relishes as the only independent MLA in Stormont.

“Claire and I will work together, as a team, providing unique independent representation for the people of Coleraine and East Londonderry,” David told The Times.