Meeting in Crumlin on G8 summit

HOUSEHOLDERS in Crumlin are urged to attend a meeting on April 9 at 6.30pm at Crumlin Community Centre about how the G8 Summit is expected to affect the transport system around Belfast International Airport in June.

The G8 Summit will take place from June 17 to 18 at the Lough Erne Resort, Enniskillen with many Heads of State expected to fly into International Airport.

In a letter to householders Chief Superintendent Henry Irvine, invited residents to attend the meeting to allow them to ask questions about how the G8 Summit may affect them.

“It is anticipated that the Heads of State will be accompanied by sizeable delegations from each of their countries and a large media presence,” the letter stated.

“These people will be using the Belfast International Airport as one of their arrival locations into Northern Ireland.

“The PSNI is responsible for the policing and security at this location and surrounding area. Naturally the increase in visitor numbers will result in some disruption to the transport network.

“People travelling on June 16, 17 and 18 will be advised to leave extra time for their journey. The PSNI will be proactively providing regular traffic and travel information via as well as updating all media outlets with timely information.

“Previous G8 conference have also attracted a number of protest groups. Police will be planning for this eventuality and this may again result in some disruption to the transport network.”