Members night at the Braid Arts Centre

THE APRIL meeting of the Ballymena Branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society will be an evening of shared memories and memorabilia led by one of the Committee Members, Maggie Lyttle.

Maggie has a wealth of knowledge and has been very successful in her own research. She will be pleased to share her use of resources and experiences.

Come along to this meeting and Maggie will help you to either get started or overcome a ‘brick wall.’ Other Committee Members will share their success and encourage you to bring along your material and they will discuss any problems you may be experiencing.

Perhaps you have already had some success in tracing your ancestors so come along and share your tracing skills. Maybe it was through the Census records of it could have been some old postcards, receipts, school reports, photographs or artefacts.

This most interesting evening which also includes the Annual General Meeting, is being held on Thursday, April 26, in the Braid Arts Centre, 1-29 Bridge Street at 7.15pm.

Entrance fee is £1 for members and £3 for non-members.

For more information contact Brian O’Hara, Chairman at 02825656854.

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