Memories and Memorabilia at the Braid Arts Centre

THE JANUARY meeting of the Ballymena Branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society will be an evening of sharing memories and memorabilia.

The Society are looking for anyone who has had some success in tracing ancestors to bring along an example and share tracing skills at the meeting to be held in the Braid Arts Centre on Thursday Janurary 28 at 7.15pm.

Perhaps the information was found through the Census records or it could have been some old postcards, receipts, school reports, photographs or artefacts.

Many of us have documents such as copies of wills, birth certificates and old newspaper cuttings tucked away but we do not realise how valuable they can be when trying to trace an ancestor.

If you have been clearing out your parent’s attic or indeed your own, you might stumble upon an old photograph, letter or other artefact and if at first glance it appears to have little significance, don’t discard it as it may be a missing piece of the jigsaw.

The Society may be able to give you more information about the photograph or artefact that would be helpful in furthering your research. You may be just starting and are unsure how to find out about Baptismal records or an ancestor who had served in the Forces.

Come along and bring a friend and the society will help you get started or overcome a ‘brick wall’.

Entrance fee is 1 for members and 3 for non-members.

For further information contact Mr Brian O’Hara, Chairman at 028 25656854

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