Mental Health and Suicide Prevention grants available

North Antrim Community Network (NACN) has successfully secured funding from the Public Health Agency (PHA) for action to promote mental health and prevent suicide which will enable communities to improve their health and wellbeing.

‘Micro’ grants, for approximately 8-10 programmes/projects per District Council area are available. Applications will be assessed on the potential to improve health and wellbeing and on the ability to complete the work, including evaluation, by mid March 2013.

The closing date for applications is Friday 28th September 2012Speaking about Promoting Mental Health and Suicide Prevention work in the Northern Area, Madeline Heaney, Head of Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement (Northern area), PHA said: “The PHA has a lead role in implementing the regional mental health promotion and suicide prevention strategies, in partnership with the community and voluntary sector and others. Providing each community network with funding for local activity is part of this work and will help individuals learn how to cope with life changing events and help communities to promote mental health and build resilience.

“The projects funded by the Community Based Small Grants Scheme will help empower individuals and communities to take positive, protective action to improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing by providing relevant information on sources of support or services that they can access thereby building community capacity and resilience, especially in areas of high need.”

Small Grant Scheme aims: To encourage greater awareness of the issues surrounding mental health problems, positive mental health and suicide prevention across the Northern Area

To encourage communities to take a more pro-active role in promoting mental health and suicide prevention

To build sustainable resilient communities

Applications should promote protective factors and build resilience, including eg early intervention, emotional wellbeing awareness work, increasing the capacity for self help and measures to improve quality of life.

Other key priorities include:

Addressing the determinants of poor health and reducing health inequalities by increasing the delivery of resources, programmes and/or services to the top 20% most disadvantaged neighbourhoods across the Northern Locality.

All projects to give more priority to areas and groups with higher prevalence rates of poor mental health, including those at higher risk of suicide or self harm.

Any non-statutory organisation, showing evidence of being an active group, within the Ballymena, Ballymoney, Moyle and Larne District Council Areas, can apply for these ‘micro’ grants (of about £500); groups do not need to be constituted. Larger grants (£1000 maximum) should target a large number of individuals and/or a large area. These applications will also go through PHA pre-approval, if successful, at the Community Network stage.

The 2012-2013 Community Based Small Grants Scheme does not fund:

Ongoing running costs – including staff costs, membership fees, insurance

Duplication of funding

Work being undertaken outside of Ballymena, Ballymoney, Moyle and Larne District Council areas.

Statutory Sector organizations

For further information, guidance and examples of evidence based practice, along with support to develop a relevant programme, contact North Antrim Community Network, Amanda Pollock, Suicide Prevention Development Officer on 028 21772100 or [email protected]

Closing Date for Applications: Friday 28th September

North Antrim Community Network Promoting Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Small Grants Scheme is funded through the Public Health Agency and is delivering in the Ballymena, Ballymoney, Larne and Moyle District Council areas.