Minister’s u-turn on computerised tests welcomed by Craig

THE announcement by the Education Minister to ‘hit the delete button’ on the NINA and NILA Computer Based Assessments in schools has been welcomed by Stormont Education Committee member Jonathan Craig.

Mr Craig said, “For some time schools, parents and politicians have been very critical of the Minister and his Department’s handling of the Computer Based Assessments programme. The concerns have ranged from the £900,000 of public money spent on this failed project, the stress and anxiety caused to pupils and parents and the time and energy expended by schools on a Computer Based Assessment that was apparent from the start would not work.”

As a Member of the Board of Governors of three local schools, Mr Craig is now calling on the Minister to listen and work with schools and parents. He said: “My experience of this Minister and the Department that he runs, is one of diktats and demands, pressurising schools to implement decrees and programmes that do not have the support of school or parents. I would urge the Minister to learn from this expensive U-turn and listen to the needs of schools and send a clear message out to parents, that his Department will support our schools to deliver educational attainment for all our children.”