MLA calls situation ‘dangerous and unacceptable’

A DANGEROUS pothole near the entrance to a children’s playground has raised concern among people in Donaghcloney.

Residents of Irwin Place in the village first brought it to the attention of the Housing Executive and DRD Roads Services a few months ago.

But neither body has accepted responsibility and now the hole has become a road hazard, particularly for youngsters on bicycles on their way to the play area.

“A couple of years ago workmen came out and filled in the hole with tarmac but it is breaking up again,” said one resident.

To try and get the problem solved residents contacted DUP Alderman Stephen Moutray.

He has contacted both the Housing Executive and the Roads Services.

And he is arranging a site meeting between the various parties for early in the New Year.

“It is very dangerous and totally unacceptable,” said Mr Moutray.

“This needs to be rectified as soon as possible.”