Moneymore traffic situation needs looked at urgently

Sinn Fein MP Francie Molloy has pledged to press his party colleague the new Minister for Infrastructure, Chris Hazzard for a new road corridor through Mid Ulster.

The Assembly has been criticised for the chronic lack of infrastructure investment in the West, and the move would go some way towards redressing the balance and transform the economic disadvantage faced by areas such as Mid Ulster.

“I will be pressing the new Minister to look at the western side of Lough Neagh in the overall context of linking the M1 and M2 motorways as a key roads corridor”, said Mr Molloy.

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“The A29 has never been fully developed and in modern times cannot cope with the volume of traffic it endures today. Therefore the village of Moneymore is a critical part of the picture and must be looked at urgently.”

The MP also promised to raise the issue of the long awaited Cookstown by-pass road. “As we look forward to the completion of the by-pass at Magherafelt we recognise the potential negative impact on neighbouring towns. The Cookstown by-pass project has already been progressed to the preferred route stage but has been sitting on the shelf of the past ten years. It is now time to move this project forward. The impact on travel through and around Cookstown at peak times of the day clearly demonstrates the need for an improved system.”