Monster funfair isEbrington bound

A Monster Hallowe’en Funfair opens at Ebrington Square this Friday, joining Chateau Le Fear’s very popular Haunted House.

With two roller coasters, including for the first time ever in Londonderry a Wild Mouse Spinning ‘Coaster, Ebrington’s Monster Hallowe’en Funfair has a mixture of thrill rides and family attractions for every age.

Brian Magee promoter of the funfair said: “I am delighted to bring this spectacular show to Derry with a line-up of attractions which is affordable and suitable for the whole family.

“I am confident that both teenagers and families with young children will love this show.”

The line-up of thrill rides includes the incredible 100 feet high Mac 2 Booster, the Extreme Orbiter, Superbowl and Ice Jet among many of the top attractions of the modern European Fairground.

Kiddie rides and family attractions will include the Apple Rollercoaster, a specially designed rollercoaster suitable for parents and young children. With a Fun-House, Carousels, Chair-o-Planes and a host of rides for small children the Monster Hallowe’en Funfair is sure to be a huge hit with families.

For those who prefer to remain on “terra firma” a range of side stalls and games of skill and chance will include lots of soft toys and speciality prizes.

So, for all the fun of the fair come to the Monster Hallowe’en Funfair at Ebrington Square opening 4pm on Friday, October 24, and at 1pm daily from Saturday, October 25, to Sunday 2 November.