Mother feels 'let down' by after ferret attack on toddler

A LISBURN mother says she has been left feeling let down by local services after her young son was bitten by a ferret and she was passed from pillar to post when seeking advice.

Little Curtis aged two was playing in his garden in Ashmount Park, Hillhall when his mum Claire Cassling heard him squealing. She immediately went to see what was happening and found her son's neck covered in blood.

Curtis's parents thought he had fallen or been bitten by a small dog but then they saw a ferret scurrying past them and realised that the animal was responsible for the toddler's injuries. The ferret was caught and Curtis was taken to hospital where he was treated for a blood infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Claire called the Police, Lisburn City Council and the USPCA and on each occasion says she was referred on to other agencies.

Claire feels let down. She said: "We didn't know who to turn to. If this had have been a dog attack it would have been treated differently. It is unusual but still I believe someone should have been able to give us advice about what should happen to the animal.

"My child has been left unsettled and I am afraid of something like this happening again. I feel let down by the local services."

A spokesman for the USPCA said such reports are unusual. He commented: "We rarely receive such reports. Advice would be plain common sense. Keep kids away from ferrets and vice versa. If the worst happens seek medical advice."

He continued: "The USPCA is an animal welfare charity. Had a child attacked a ferret contacting us would be relevant."