Mother’s concern over dog fouling

A Low Road resident is crying foul over dog mess in the area, which she claims is putting people’s health and safety at risk.

Rebecca Wills who regularly walks her two young children to school says she is disgusted by the amount of dog mess she and her children and other families have to dodge as they walk along the footpaths.

Rebecca recently contacted Councillor Jenny Palmer via Facebook seeking help on the matter.

She said: “The amount of dog droppings is unreal and trying to get our children to school without walking in it is unreal as it is the whole way up to the school.”

Rebecca continued: “My big concern is nearly half of the primary and high school use the main Low Road to walk to school. Every morning the road is very busy and you nearly have to walk on the road to avoid the dog droppings,

“I have two young children myself and every morning it is like a military operation to get to school with it, Not only is it disgusting but the danger of having to walk on the road to avoid it is a great concern,”

“Dog owners should be ashamed of the state they have the walk way of our paths. Young children use it on a regular basis and this needs to stop before something serious happens,” she urged.

Mrs Palmer assured 
the young mum that she would ask the Council to clean up the footpaths but pointed out “irresponsible dog owners need to be caught and fined” .

“I will ask dog wardens to concentrate on Low Road for a while,” she said.

Last year Lisburn City Council carried out a blitz campaign to crack down on dog fouling in the city and surrounding areas.