Mysterious tale of Viking skull to be talk subject

The Norse skullThe Norse skull
The Norse skull
A special event at Larne Museum and Arts Centre later in the year will open the door to a greater understanding of Norse settlement in the area.

Dr. Kyle Hughes, who has carried out extensive research into the Viking presence in Ireland, will have a particular interest in coming to Larne to speak, as he has worked closely on identification of a Viking skull unearthed in Larne in 1840. A graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, he will be focusing on the Norse history of the area, known to the Vikings as ‘Ulfreksfjǫrðr,’ and the legacy of the Norsemen in the local area.

The Norse skull was found by railway workers in 1840 near the Bankheads, and over the years since, both the Norseman and his grave goods have travelled, been lost, and rediscovered. Curiosity around them remains undimmed and Dr. Hughes will be discussing the find when he is guest speaker at the Larne Museum in October.

The date for the event is Friday, October 6 at 7pm.

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