New bistro blooms with Breslins' riverfront insurance policy

The owners of the recently opened Primrose on the Quay say their dream of opening a 'French style bistro' on the riverfront came true when an insurance company upped sticks from their ideal location.

Ciaran and Melanie Breslin, who opened Primrose Café on Carlisle Road four years ago, say the timing couldn’t have been better with the Clipper homecoming coming up.

Mr Breslin said: “The quay is one of the city’s biggest assets in terms of location and after spending a year looking for our second premises we stumbled across a vacant unit which was a former insurance office.

“Even though it had been lying empty for a year we started panicking in case someone grabbed it from under us. We always envisaged a French style riverfront bistro and already knew that we had found our dream location.

“With such a busy walkway, everyone we spoke to agreed that it should have a lot more food and coffee offerings, so we believe we have added a fantastic asset to our buzzing riverfront.

“With the Clipper Race on its way back to Derry as part of the Foyle Maritime Festival, we are very excited at the thought of being right on the doorstep of all those amazing boats and crews.

“They will be sure to receive a very warm welcome from us when they arrive in July. All holiday leave at Primrose is on hold throughout that week. Let’s just hope we get the weather.”