New life dawns for the Old Quarry

Residents gathered at Dunfield terrace. DER3713SL002Residents gathered at Dunfield terrace. DER3713SL002
Residents gathered at Dunfield terrace. DER3713SL002
Around £2,500 is to be spent on a social history project for the Old Quarry area in the Waterside.

It is part of a wider strategy tor the Top of the Hill and Irish Street areasm to develop tourism and, particularly, guided walks in the area.

The quarry, which overlooks the Craigavon Bridge end of Spencer Road, long lay at the heart of a dispute over its future use, with residents keen the viewpoint be retained and developed as an area of environmental, heritage and tourism importance.

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It is understood that the formal announcement will be made at 12pm on Thursday, at Irish Street Community Centre, after a walk along the tourist trail, which will get underway at 10.30am, taking in aspects of the Cityside and Waterside. It will include a training scheme for tour guides in the future.

Among those who are expected to be in attendance will be representatives from DCAL and Dr Bethany Sinclair, from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Welcoming news that work will be underway by February, spokeswoman for the Dunfield Residents Association, Felicity McCall, said: “We are delighted that not one but two positive developments committed to recording, developing and sharing the unique history and tourist potential of this area have been announced in the same week.

“We look forward to playing our part in the emerging strategy for redeveloping the Waterside and are proud that community effort, commitment and energy has been recognised.”

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DCAL is to absorb the print cost, while funding will be administered by Alison Wallace at Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership.

The Association has thanked supporters and lobbyists over the past 30 years for their efforts to conserve and restore the viewpoint.

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