New Spiritual Centre set to open in town

A new Spiritualist Centre is set to open in Banbridge.


The centre will be for the promotion and furtherment of the Religion Of Spiritualism and will hold a Sunday Church Service at the [email protected] Theatre in Banbridge as of Sunday 22nd February from 6.30pm - 8.00pm.

This will provide access to the Religion Of Spiritualism for local people who are already interested in the religion but have to travel to Belfast.

“It is our aim to gain affiliation to The Spiritualists National Union, the world’s largest Spiritualist organization,” said spokesman Simon McCreedy.

“From that point we hope to be only the second SNU Spiritualist Church here in Northern Ireland.

“Our service will include a short address from our guest ministers, speakers and mediums about the Science, Religion and Philosophy of Spiritualism. We will also play music and hymns along with prayer and demonstration of evidential mediumship to prove the continuation of life after death.

“The formation of the church has come after my own journey in this work has brought me to understand the priority is Non Profit Service Based Spiritualism instead of commercial mediumship.

“Our centre will have to charge an entry fee of £5 but this will cover the cost of the hall and to pay the expenses of the guest Ministers, Mediums and speakers that we have to visit.

“Anything after that will go to local charitable causes until we gain our affiliation to The Spiritualists National Union.

“I am currently a member of The Spiritualists National Union and The Belfast Spiritualist Church.

“I also am an honorary lifetime member of The Spiritualist Union Of Ireland.”