Newtownabbey man selected to stand in European Election

Northern Ireland spokesman for UKIP, Robert Hill, has been selected to contest the European Election on May 23.

Robert Hill.
Robert Hill.

Commenting on his selection, Mr Hill said: “We will be giving the 350,000 people who voted leave here in Northern Ireland, and the many thousands of others who now believe that democracy should be honoured the opportunity to vote for the true party of Brexit- UKIP.

“We will be giving unionist leave voters a UK Unionist option which is distinct from the DUP and an alternative to the UUP. Unlike the other parties, UKIP stands for a complete, unilateral and unconditional withdrawal from the EU. We want to see people’s democratic wishes honoured. A vote for UKIP is a vote to make Brexit happen.”

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP added: “UKIP is firing on all cylinders for the May 2 council elections in Northern Ireland and we are prepared and ready to fight an EU election.

“If an election happens, every one of the UK’s 27 million households will have the opportunity to vote for UKIP and make Brexit happen.

“The 17.4 million people in all corners of our nation who voted leave, (including the 350,000 in Northern Ireland) will have the opportunity to send a clear message to the Tories, to those that prop them up and to others in the political establishment - we voted for Brexit, now make it happen!”