Night time security to stay at play park

A REVIEW of security at Wallace Park carried out after the official opening of Phase I of the work has recommended keeping evening security in place until the next phase of work is completed.

In September it was revealed that Lisburn City Council is having to employ 24-hour protection to secure the new 750,000 play area at the Park from vandals.

At the time a council spokeswoman confirmed night security at the park was being provided by an external security firm and was discussing increased patrols with the PSNI, she added.

In an update of the situation presented to the Leisure Services Committee recently, it was decided the current evening security seven days per week would be retained, as well as the retention of a play attendant, because CCTV coverage of the park and the provision of lighting will not become operative until the completion of Phase II of the works.

It was also agreed that the security arrangements be reviewed following the Halloween period and that a detailed record of any incidents which occurred in the Wallace Park be kept in order to assist with future decisions relating to security.