No plans to reduce services - Storey

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has commented on the Compton Review of Health.

Mr. Storey said: “I welcome the clarification from the Health Minister regarding the future of the Causeway Hospital. In the Assembly Chamber this week following a question from myself on the issue the Minister made it clear that he is committed to providing safe, sustainable and resilient health provision for the people of the north coast and surrounding areas including my North Antrim constituency.

“The review has laid down the framework for viable major acute services and it is now for the Northern Commissioning Group, working with the Trust and the local community to come up with proposals within the parameters of the review. I will be monitoring any developments the Trust bring forward in relation to the Causeway. I along with my DUP MLA’s and MP’s will be meeting with the Chief Executive of the Northern Trust early in January to discuss this issue and other matters relating to Health.

“The views of the Minister this week back up the content of a letter I received from him on 4th October which made it clear that there are no plans to reduce services at the Causeway location and that the hospital is there to stay. It is clear that the Compton report published last week is a vital document for the future of health provision here and I would hope that everyone will study its contents fully and not make the kind of knee-jerk comments made by some this week which are not in the best interests of the community, but are only aimed at stoking fear where none currently exists.”