Nora (100) still has hopes of marriage

Glenavy woman Nora McCann has still not given up on marriage - even though she has just celebrated her 100th birthday.

Nora McCannWho turned 100 on Friday 15 January 2016Sent in by family to Gemma MurrayAdded by AK

Nora, a former hairdresser was born on January 15, 1916 the same year as the Battle of the Somme and the Easter Rising.

The recipe for a long and happy life, according to Miss McCann is ‘plenty of good food and not exciting myself too much.’

She might not be in the first flush of youth but on her 100th birthday Nora joked that she hadn’t quite given up on getting married.

When asked about if she is married, she answers ‘not yet.’

And the youthful Nora claims that she still feels good - even at reaching a huge milestone of 100 years young.

Nora, who lives at home, started her working life with the ‘Ministry of Finance’ in Belfast.’

However, due to illness she had to give up as the “heavy travelling on foot, bicycle and getting the bus to Stormont was too much for me”.

“I took pleurisy at that time and the illness was a finish to it,” she added.

“I spent a year in bed with that and had to try to eat all the good food I could.

“I stayed at home here in Glenavy after that and started hairdressing.

“At the time the home perms had just come out and I started doing them for people I knew.

“Then word about what I was doing got out I suppose, and a lot of other people wanted me to do it for them.

“People were even coming out of Lisburn for me to do their hair, probably because I took my time and did it properly,” she added.

“I was in my late 20s when I started hairdressing and I did it for years and years, but I haven’t done it for some time now.”

Putting her long years down to a healthy lifestyle, Miss McCann said: “I kept walking and talking and I feel good. I never in my life thought I would be 100, but here I am and I feel good.”