One complaint about underpass says DRD

Department for Regional Development has said that they have only received a complaint about the condition of the underpass on the Prince William Road.

Their comments come after a local woman complained to the Ulster Star about its condition and complained that it was difficult to use.

“Anytime I walk my grandchildren through it they have to use boots,” she said. “This has been ongoing problem for 30 years and I have complained bitterlyto the Roads Service but no joy.”

However a spokesperson for the DRD said: “One report was received in the last year of a small area of water ponding on the footway at the entrance to the underpass which was repaired.

“There are no records to indicate that the underpass ever became difficult to use. “However arrangements have been made to inspect the location during periods of heavy rain to detect areas of the approach footways and underpass that may temporarily retain water.

“Any problems found by the inspections will be dealt with.”