Ontario Presbyterian Chorus heads east……to West!

WEST Presbyterian Church is very pleased to welcome the Ontario Presbyterian Chorus to their morning service on Sunday, June 3.

The Chorus, formed in 1989, have travelled extensively in Canada, to the Western Provinces, Ontario North, through the Maritimes and also Newfoundland. The Chorus performs an average of two concerts a month throughout Southern Ontario.

The group of 54 singers have toured both Northern and Southern Ireland in 1991, Scotland in 1994, Switzerland in 2009, and are now looking forward to their return to Northern Ireland.

Their repertoire of sacred music is sung with a message, with a mission and with a vision for a lost and needy world.

Mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by joining us at West to worship God. Come along and enjoy praising the Lord and listening to the music which the choir will be performing. The service starts at 11am.