Branch fully supports the local MLA

I refer to letters page 30/3/12 in which CW Lisburn claims that as the Lisburn Branch supported Mike Nesbitt whilst Basil McCrea supported John McCallister in the recent leadership contest we are “a family at war”.

I fail to see how CW concludes a difference of opinion over who was best to lead the UUP amounts to lack of support for our MLA.

Had CW bothered to read the statement issued in the Star 16/3/12 fully, they would have seen that whilst we supported Mr Nesbitt we also acknowledged the talents of other candidates.

Does CW believe the UUP should, as other parties have done, had a leader imposed on them? The reality is our party had a very healthy and fair leadership campaign in which both candidates conducted themselves in a honourable manner.

In conclusion we fully support our MLA and commend him for his work representing Lagan Valley.

Tim Mitchell

Chairman Lisburn Branch UUP