‘Disappointed’ at Grandmaster Flash Larne event being moved

I WAS very disappointed to learn through the Larne Times that the big event planned for Inver Park on August 11 called Jam In The Park has had to be moved to Belfast.

On making further enquiries, I am led to believe the problem lay with Larne Borough Council refusing to grant a 1am licence.

As a ratepayer, I want to voice my objections to this decision in the strongest terms. I have a child at university across the water with a great interest in music, and was amazed when he showed me that Grandmaster Flash, who has been inducted two or three times into the music Hall Of Fame and plays to crowds in excess of over 100,000 in places such as Brazil, Japan etc was coming to our wee town. What a coup for Larne I thought.

He organised for a number of friends to come and stay for three nights in local B&B’s in Larne.

I believe there were also buses coming from various places and from all sections of the community, B&B’s and local hotels were booked and we would have some very welcome business coming to Larne in this trying economic time.

I read on various television websites, Sunday papers etc about what a huge name in music this was to come to Larne. But, I wonder, did Larne Borough Council look at the bigger picture?

It’s a shame and a disgrace. Is it any wonder our town is dying on its feet? We live in 2012 not 1812, it’s time they woke up and smelt the coffee, what exactly are they doing for the young people of this town?

A huge event such as this and at no cost to them, and the young people are now being bused up to Belfast, so while Belfast buzzes, lice falls off Larne.

Would the last person to leave, please turn out the light?

“Worried mother”,

Name and address withheld.