How could dog owner let this happen?

I HOPE the person who allowed their dog to foul on the grassy area at the rear of Hillsborough fort is reading this.

My family were taking my two-year-old grandson for a walk and he went for a spin on his small scooter. He ran onto the verge on the side of the path and fell headlong onto grass landing in a lot of dog mess. As anyone who has small children know they usually bounce up and rub themselves. He did this and the mess was everywhere on his trousers, coat, hands and face.

Trying to clean this in the park is almost impossible so the clothes were removed and binned and the little boy was rushed home and bathed.

I would ask the irresponsible dog owner how would he or she like this to happen to their children or grandchild.

Please clean up after your dog.

Disgusted Dog Owner and Grandparent