Independent candidate continues Milk Cup debate

Sir - In response to Cllr Stevenson’s statement last week I would like to thank him for agreeing to all the community’s concerns over the ridiculous decision to hand over £15,500 to the Milk Cup.

The fact that Ian ‘appreciates’ that the business community do not benefit, that he ‘recognises’ that local players don’t get an opportunity to compete and that teams don’t stay in the borough supports my previous argument.

Also to now look at the sports budget smacks of desperation. Local clubs have suffered from a lack of support for years so will hardly be overly pleased that due to public pressure the Council will now consider helping them.

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If he doesn’t believe me I suggest he speaks to the local clubs.

Let me say that I don’t have a personal problem with the tournament but any giving away of ratepayers money should be proportionate to the benefit Ballymoney receives in return.

Yours sincerely,

Iain McAfee

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