It is about time Lisburn caught up with the rest of Northern Ireland

ASDA coming to Lisburn - brilliant about time this so called city caught up with the rest of NI, with a petrol station that should drive down prices in Lisburn a bit of competition.

As for the locals not wanting it - absolute rubbish! I live a matter of a hundred yards from this and just can’t wait.

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As for going to the centre absolute rubbish - where do we park except in Bow Street Mall at £1.70 minimum? That is if you can get down Chapel Hill as this disgraceful situation has only lasted donkey years to get sorted - Oops sorry it still isn’t sorted out - maybe in ten years time or even sooner when the city centre is deserted.

Remember all the crying about Sprucefield and the harm it would do? Think of the jobs it has brought and maybe when the politicians get their act together we can welcome John Lewis, that is if they haven’t been put off with the disgraceful delays!